Thursday, December 13, 2007

Fun Challenges

The past few nights I have taken time to work on cards for Christmas gift sets I am giving.

This is one of my favorites, so far. The image stamp is from "Carte Postale".

This one I'm not so sure I like the final project. My Flybaby friend Lee and I were challenging one another with color groups. This is not my normal color pallette but they look very pretty together. I may try this again tomorrow night.

this was from the first challenge Lee and I did tonight. She was looking for an anniversay card and I suggested these colors and together we both though the Wild Rose stamp set would work well. You can see her creation on her blog HERE. The second photo is an up-close picture so you can see the crystal effects on the rose.

As always, thanks for looking & MERRY CHRISTMAS!


Lee said...

Ohhhhhhhhhh...........see?? I love that script and I didn't even think about using it after I got started! Your card is just gorgeous!!!! Thanks for the inspiration and color challenge to get me going!!

Lee said...

Okay.......I LOVE the Joy card you made.........and the Crystal Effects is so pretty on the rose!!!

Christi said...

LOL..ok your least favorite one is MY favorite I wish I would've stayed up and played instead of sleeping. LOL :) All of your cards are awesome!!

LadyDoc said...

Your work is BEAUTIFUL!!