Tuesday, April 8, 2008

How much fun can you have on a Monday night?

Each month on the first Monday night I have a stamp club that meets. Last night was the last club meeting for this "round" of participants. So we all brought ideas and toys from home to play with and share. I just thought I would share some of our fun with you. . . .

Paula showed us all how to use toilet paper and a stamp to make our own embossed paper. All you need is toilet paper, water, a stipple brush and the stamp of your choice. So much fun!

Ann, Joyce and Diane brought Sizzix, Cricut and other things similar. We had so much fun playing! I definately think the Cricut will be on my list to Santa this year.

Then Marcie showed us how to make these adorable ornaments.

You simply start with a clear or frosted glass ornament. Then you take acrylic paint in white and blue and pour your white in first (be generous). You have to roll the ornament around and shake it (make sure you cover the hole with your finger VERY WELL) until it is more covered with white than you really think you want. then you pour the blue paint in and contiue the rolling and shaking. Once the outside gets close to what you want STOP. It is going to keep changing for a while so don't over-do the shaking. you will not get the swirl color pattern if you keep shaking. You can then decorate the outside however you wish. We chose to make a reindeer or snowman for each member of our family. I think I'll come back later and paint our names also.
As you can see we had tons of fun ( I didn't get home until after 10pm!). Just a side note, if you live in the Shoals area (Russellville, Sheffield, Florence, Killen, etc) and are interested in a group meeting like this please let me know. I now have a few customers in that area and I am looking for a way to host events for that area, but I need to know how many people are interested.
If you have any questions about any of these projects please let me know. As always, thanks for looking!


Lee said...

Those ornaments are soooooooooo kooool!!! What a great idea!! I still don't quite understand the toilet paper emboss.....wouldn't it rip super easily?? Sounds like you got to really have a wonderful time!! I don't use Cricut stuff enough for card-making, but when I finally get back to all my scrapbooks that I've abandoned for so long I think I'm gonna be wanting one for sure!!! LOL

P.S..........you'll prolly have to do the word verification thingy like most of us went to 'cuz of the nasty spammers I see that have found you too!

Sarah's Stampin said...

Thanks lee! Actually after you add a few layers of the TP and let dry, it's very durable. . .

Took care of the spammers. . .thanks for the heads up!

Anonymous said...

Love the inch worm and the state cut out. HA! HA! Don't forget about the GOOD food that was shared by all. This get together was lots of fun and stampers just don't know what they are missing by not joining us on Monday night or forming their own group with YOU as their leader. All of the crafts (except ornament) can be used for stamping or scrapbooking. Of course you can take a picture of the family in front of the Christmas tree with the ornament hanging on the tree and scrapbook it!
I did TP snowmen one year,added glitter to the snowmen and cut out the center of my Christmas Card and added the TP snowman. I thought it was cute.
Again it was a lot of fun and the food was delicious as usual.

A good time was had by all!
Grannie Annie

Suzanne said...

I love all the ideas, but don't get the toilet paper embossing. Can you give more details or am I making it too hard and it is simply stamping on toilet paper and embossing just like on paper?

Sarah's Stampin said...

Thanks for the wonderful comments Grannie Annie, how could I ever forget all of the wonderful food? I'm so glad you all had a good time.

----- Alison Mewer Cowan ----- said...

Would you please send me more details on the toilet paper embossing?