Sunday, July 1, 2007

New Catalog

WOW! I am completely ecstatic about the new Stampin' Up! Catalog. The papers are absolutely amazing! This is my first switch to a new catalog as a demonstrator and it has been a great experience. Hopefully I'll spend time this week with my new stamp sets and papers so that I can upload some new pictures. I'm also planning on making some pretty big changes to my website to reflect the new catalog merchandise. I'm also currently planning my new catalog Open House (July 21st). Hope you are enjoying the new catty as much as I am!


Grannie Annie said...

I will enjoy reading your blog. Could you tell me what "SPUDFEST" is? See you soon. Love the catalog and can't wait to order!

Sarah's Stampin said...

For all who are in Moulton and have see the LIT "Spudfest" signs. . . this is the LIT company picnic. We call it Spudfest because we have a potato gun competition every year. It's loads of starchy fun! Thanks "Grannie Annie"!!!!